Taking clips from a short film directed by Fabien Baron, we created a series of animated GIFs. These were used to drive users to the Encounter Calvin Klein website, were they could view the full film starring Alexander Skarsgård and Lara Stone, as well as share the GIFs on other social media platforms.

The film footage itself presented problems in the production of the GIFs.  Editing tricks, heavy compositing, and camera stabilization were used to create different types of loops ranging from full frame motion to more "cinemagraph" style GIFs. 

Editing and camera stabilization
A special cinemagraph with CGI rain was used as a driver to the campaign's main site. Users were urged to click on the rain drop moving the wrong way to be able to see Fabien Baron's full film.
A proposed cinemagraph of Lara Stone did not make it into the campaign.  CGI rain was added to a still frame to create motion, expanding this moment in time.
Cinemagraph primary built in Photoshop. 
Editing and noise effects were used to turn a 12 frame clip into a longer, seemlessly looping GIF.

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